Portlaoise boxing sharing video


Here is an image from our  successful video that we made for the Portlaoise Centre of Excellence Boxing Academy that is just days after posting got those great views numbers, sharing and comments, if you still not sure why do you need a promotional video for your company or product here are something that can help you in your decision:

“Promoting” is no more than “how” and “what” to say!

Succinctly and eloquently, a promotional video has the ability to expand its brand across borders, following the business plan, values ​​and communication policies of your company.

The theme? This is up to you.

There are promotional videos for ages about product on services … Everything depends on the concept that want to sell!

Thus, the promos have the main goal and ambition, able to encourage the audience to buy or learn more about a particular product / service, establishing itself as a fabulous business opportunity to potential investors.

A promotional video can also be used to sell other platforms, which can be disseminated through television or social media channels like Youtube or Vimeo, depending on the target that you want to target.

Since it contains a description that emphasizes all the peculiarities that make the product / unique and differentiated service that exists in the market, its main capital gains as well as the practical benefits it brings to the consumer, the promotional video can be exactly “what” I lacked to catapult your business to success.

The only fundamental idea to consider for a promotional video function is to redirect the focus of the message that the brand wants to convey to the quality of content and engagement that want to generate.

Create now your promotional video with 220 watts video production and ensure that their product never goes through unknown!









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