This is Paul Wyatt’s trailer for live stage production is part of a new wave of theatre promotional activity, just loved the simplicity of the video with affects and the glamor of a theater play. This is one more sign that video productions is no longer just recording and editing a video but have the artistic behind of the production.

The way they’re doing it is with creative video and behind-the-scenes promotional material. The National Theater’s highly active YouTube channel entices an audience in with behind-the-scenes clips from shows in production as well as show trailers distributed across their social media network.

Paul Wyatt has been working as a creative director and filmmaker for over 15 years with an enviable roster of clients such as the Royal Society of Art, Universal Music, UAL and Made by Many. He’s recently been collaborating with award-winning drama school Fourth Monkey their ensemble production of Elephant Man with a specially shot and produced trailer for the production which had a much acclaimed launch at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and is supported by the Arts Council.

Wyatt combines After Effects, Premiere Pro and filmmaking skills to produce a visceral trailer which gives the viewer a feel for the production. Find out more about the play at

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