Web Design for the Laois Dance Platform

The Web Design for the Laois Dance Platform is one of the most recent creations of the company 220 Watts, found at http://www.laoisdanceplatform.ie/. It connects dancers by exposing and celebrating their talents, establishing a dance community and facilitating a network of artists.

The creation of the Laois Dance Platform website:

LDP website

220 Watts is a company specialized in providing a professional web graphic design and high-quality services for video production. You will be able to receive the following features: search engine optimization, interface design; authoring, proprietary software, and standardized code. If you still wondering where you can finding us here is our company’s URL: http://220watts.com/.

Laois Dance Platform was funded by the Arts Council in partnership with Dunamaise Arts Centre and Laois Youth Dance Ensemble. It is a melting point for local artists in the dancing industry as they can perform on the stage and make new contacts with people in the same industry.

The Laois Dance Platform website is shown a very engaging way. There are events schedule for Friday through Sunday. It displays a Dance forum, morning performances, dance workshop, evening performances. All in one place.

Today, it is important to keep any business updated and continually connected with probable clients through social networks. With 220 Watts, you will see that your website can be associated with many social media accounts.

Also, you can obtain a promotional video which is an excellent presentation card. People will grasp the message you want to share.

Videos have increased in popularity thanks to websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others. To promote your business or product and make an engaging tool for your clients, a 220 Watts promotional video is what you need. It will display your business or product in a professional way. It has been said and proved that promotional videos are more effective than a simple banner.

The Laois Dance Platform website has a nice interface, very attractive in a sense that it makes the use it enjoyable. That means that each user will have a satisfying experience when entering this website. When your software is a pleasant one to use, your clients will be looking forward to using it again. It is recommended to choose the aesthetics most appropriate for your particular business.

We are glad to join forces with this great dancing event in the Laois area and we hope our website design help spreading this amazing dance event.

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