Let’s start by first understanding what a watt is. A watt is a measure of energy flow; energy that we can use to generate power.

Going back to when I was a kid growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I had lots and lots of energy – I was a young powerhouse!

I moved to Ireland to pursue what I love the most: a life of creativity and performing arts. I’m still very energetic and extremely creative, which has fueled my ambitions, honed my skills and helped me fervently chase after my goals.

After striving to gain my Design Media qualification, I’ve decided to put everything I am and all I know into opening a business that reflects who I am and what I love.

Back home we say, this kid is 220. What we mean by this expression is, ‘this kid has loads of energy! I am 220, and so my business is 220 Watts Video Production. Between my energy in the company and yours as a client we will generate power that really works!

Join the Watts!


Marco Pessanha

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